The Basement 1/19/2017


Meghan Zimmerman

  1. All Is Well– Let Go
  2. Cheap Girls– Knock Me Over
  3. Knock On Pavement– Mountain Club
  4. Secret Grief– Aokigahara
  5. Narc out the Red– As Hipsters Do
  6. The Plurals– Crush
  7. The Fever Haze– SoWhat
  8. Lights and Caves– Tragedy Is No
  9. Watching For Foxes– Undone Bird
  10. Drowned Out– Oakridge
  11. Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle– Going Back To Michigan
  12. Cronas– Cake Jetski
  13. The Rupple Brothers– Sad Town
  14. The Rupple Brothers– Paris
  15. The Rupple Brothers– Birdsong
  16. The Rupple Brothers– High As I Want To Be
  17. Kim Vi and The Siblings– Josephine
  18. Entransigent– Take What’s Left
  19. Cavalcade– Cancer Fantasy