Name For You | The Shins


Maddy Hanton

Following the announcement of their first album release since 2012, The Shins dropped  “Name for You.” The first single, “Dead Alive,” was released last fall and fans have been waiting eagerly for more new material ever since.

This catchy, upbeat track is a listen that could leave you feeling sunny and carefree even on the dreariest of days. Lead vocalist James Mercer says his inspiration for the newest album came from his experiences as a parent, and this tune carries with it a hopeful message of empowerment directed at his daughters. With lyrics “They’ve got a name for you girls, What’s in a name?” Mercer encourages the listener to ignore labels and never hesitate to speak your mind, a reminder everyone could benefit from hearing from time to time.

Heartworms will be The Shins’ fifth studio album and is set to be out on March 10th, 2017.