Jim Song | Dr. Dog


Maggie Morgan

Abandoned Mansion is only available on Bandcamp at this point, so if you would like to “Jim Song,” head over there to check it out!

Pennsylvania natives, Dr. Dog, definitely have an extensive collection of recorded music. The multi-talented group falls under psychedelic rock, indie folk, and baroque pop genres, giving them a unique sound that I haven’t found in other artists. Their latest album, Abandoned Mansion, was released on November 29th, 2016 without any promotions leading up to its release.

My favorite track off the album is “Jim Song.” It begins simply with harmonica and acoustic guitar and is slowly accompanied by raw vocals, singing vulnerable lyrics. The lyrics of this song dig into deep emotions. When I listen, I feel like I’m being told a secret.

This song definitely builds from the beginning to the end, and it’s a beautiful transformation! It starts out as a pure and simple expression and turns into a powerful statement, and a beautiful song.