Nuclear Bomb | Cherry Glazerr


Sarah Beltran

As the third track released from their upcoming album Apocalipstick, “Nuclear Bomb” definitely shows Cherry Glazerr in new light.  Everything about it feels a bit rawer, from the exposed vocals during the verses to the powerful instrumentals transitioning the listener from one emotion to the next. The contrast between the melancholy verses to the fueled refrains musically embodies the exact idea they are trying to communicate. After being built up through its quietly charged poetry, the song’s sound physically explodes onto the audience. The fragments from “Nuclear Bomb” root themselves deeply in the listener, making the tune unforgettable.

By dialing back their usual loud-rock sound and releasing heavy guitar, drums, and keyboard strategically, Cherry Glazerr gives a whole new meaning to the song—and it gives a whole new realm to their emotion. There’s a matureness that was not always present in Haxel Princess, which, of course, they counterbalance by making the music video hilariously strange. Clem is fearlessly blazing her path through fun grunge, further and further into her own unique rock and roll brand, at only the age of 19. Through tracks like this, it’s easy to see that this will be the year of female powerhouses.