Little Bubble | Dirty Projectors


Greg McClure

It had been about four years since Swing Lo Magellan when Dirty Projectors released the track “Keep Your Name.” The song seems to be about the end of the romantic relationship between frontman David Longstreth and a former member of the group, Amber Coffman.

Earlier this month, Dirty Projectors released a new song, “Little Bubble.” I haven’t been able to stop listening. The instrumentation and the vocal melody combine to create a hauntingly beautiful piece. The theme of the song lyrically continues the theme of “Keep Your Name.” Although, it is much less combative and confrontational.

The hook provides a little insight into romantic relationships as well “We had our own little bubble/For a while.” As if when you and your partner are together, nothing else in the world matters and nothing can harm the two of you from outside the bubble. The last part of that points to the fleeting nature of the relationship. The lyrics paint a picture of a man who has given up, “I wanna sleep with no dreams/I want to be dead.” Yikes.

I’m excited to see if they release any more music this year, but more than that I’d like to know if David is all right.