Pearl | Anamanaguchi


Travis Root

Technically speaking, this song is old. It was released nine months ago. But seeing as it was hidden within a virally-marketed, supposedly-leaked indie video game called Capsule Silence XXIV and wasn’t available for traditional stream until recently, it’s worth talking about now.

It’s cool.

“Pearl” is light and airy, sliding through a heavily-quantized grid with arpeggiated ease. A comforting little melody peeks out from beneath a Super Nintendo slap bass, and tiny pieces of vocal samples remind us that underneath Anamanaguchi’s thickly-layered meta image lies a band made of four human boys.

“Pearl,” along with the rest of the Capsule Silence XXIV Original Soundtrack, is now available to stream on Spotify. The original game, released in March 2016, can be downloaded for free at the band’s website.