Andrew Younker

Mac Demarco’s ex-guitarist, Peter Sagar, is cooking up something good with his latest single, “Call Me Up.” As it so happens, Pete moves even more in the R&B direction than Midnight Snack on this track, making it a far cry from his first releases, but definitely not in spirit. Synthetic horns, icy keys, and a classic hip-hop drum machine may make this seem like it came out of left field, but Sagar’s boyish falsetto and lyrics make this feel right at home.

“Anytime you wanna just call me up, and I’ll answer you, on the phone,” coos Sagar. His friend/lover is only a telephone call away, and no matter the time or trouble, he wants to be there. Peter has always been good at expressing atmospheres in his music, and this song feels comforting, familiar, and easy.

The song ends with a filtered, reversed version of the track, then ends abruptly. Maybe this represents how calls can sometimes be hard to understand or choppy, then all of the sudden the signal dies, and the call is over. All we know for sure is that for these two warm minutes, Peter wants to welcome somebody and reassure that he is always an emergency contact.

If he included his number at the end of the track, I would be one of the first to hit him up.

Fresh Air is out February 3, 2017.