Orange Color Queen | Ty Segall


Andrew Younker

Ty Segall is back in the studio after a daunting 10 month hiatus — we were starting to get worried — since his eclectic release, Emotional Mugger. The first song he chose to share, “Orange Color Queen” starts like any song off of Segall’s Sleeper. A subdued acoustic guitar and a double-tracked vocal harmony paint a subdued image of Ty’s longing and admiration for this woman. Don’t let that introduction trick you. Soon enough, a full band backs the San-Francisco rockstar, and the love song turns from longing for a woman to having a woman.

Without a doubt, the song written for Ty’s lover is a sweet track that harkens back to so many of his musical alter-egos. Muted bass lines that sit in the pocket, acoustic strums that cascade the whole song, and of course, a trademark dual guitar solo. If this single is any indication for the record to come, Ty Segall is going to have a little something for everyone.

Ty Segall’s second self-titled album produced by the legendary Steve Albini will be out January 27th, 2017.