Monster Inside | Nathan Sharp


Patricia Kwiatkowski

While many YouTube artists use their talents to cover popular anime and cartoon songs, others go above and beyond and make their own original content. Nathan Sharp, known by his YouTube handle as NateWantsToBattle, is a popular vocalist on the famous video-sharing website who often does both with spectacular results.

Uploaded in March 2015, the song “Monster Inside” finds its roots in the popular anime Parasyte. At slightly over three minutes long, this fast-paced alternate-rock song fits right at home with all of Nate’s cover songs. With electric undercurrents the song sets your heart racing, and the drums make any passive listener suddenly want to head-bang.

The lyrics are dark, — but given the source material, that’s to be expected — and yet they make you wonder just what the character in the song is experiencing, especially from these lyrics, “I found something that makes me feel alive/ Yet somehow dead inside/ It makes me feel/ It makes me numb at once.” The final result is a dark, eerie story that’s accompanied by an absorbing and quick tempo that’s sure to leave you breathless.

And hey, it’s got a nice music video to go along with it. So, why not plug in your headphones and jam out? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.