The Basement 10/20/2016


Dom Korzecke

Tonight on the show we played some awesome local jams! Playlist Below:

Drowned Out – Oakridge

Mavels – Geist

Lights and Caves – To the Solpisist

Cheap Girls – Short Cut Days

Stoop Lee – Stoop Na Na

Rival Summers – Before the Sun Goes Down

Get Stoked – Home At Heart

Frontier Ruckus – Silverfishes

Secret Grief – Hayford

Rent Stike – Dyrectyle Dysfunction

Dear Tracks – All the Outs are Free

Mountain Club – Knock on the Pavement

Breathe Owl Breathe – Own Stunts

Hunky Newcomers – Lets Smoke Cigarettes

Narc Our the Reds – … As Hipsters Do

The Plurals – Crush

Desmond Jones – Mt Meesha

Grey Matter – Knots

Dave Menzo – Top of the Mountain

All is Well – In Due Time

Peter Hochstedlar – O My Brain

Entransient – Take Whats Left

Cake Jetski – Cronas

Griz – Good Times Roll

Brotha James – Animal