Halloween Theme | John Carpenter


Autumn Miller

Whether cheesy zombies and fake blood are you forte or not, no one can deny their love for festive music- especially during Halloween. Regardless if you’re crafting a themed playlist or just trying to get into the good ol’ spirit of it, a few purely instrumental pieces here and there will be needed, and a perfect one is “Halloween Theme- Main Title,” composed by John Carpenter, from the famed bone-chilling film, Halloween.

The classic horror movie, which came out way back when in 1978, is not just meant to have you double-check your doors at night, but it also has a phenomenal score. John Carpenter, who’s also composed the music for Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch, produces a piece that’s filled with suspense and finger-biting dread. The repetitive nature of it, with the subtle sound of a chainsaw in the background, makes it the perfect piece to play at any party in the month of October.

Pro-tip: wear a Michael Myers mask while listening to it for the full spooky effect.