All the music from your eighth grade playlist


Impact Content Team

Grace McKelvey and Sara Beltran 
Staff Writers

When we journey back through the land of throwbacks, one decade at a time, where do we even start?

As hard as it might be to grasp, the 2000s are now a part of our recent history. Let’s face it, kids don’t know who Afroman is. They certainly don’t own a single pair of cargo pants, and don’t know Shia Labeouf used to be normal(ish).

Before Nickelodeon show plots’ inspiration was random dancing, preceding the term “hipster,” and prior to when children skipped the tween stage — gel spiking their hair and wearing blue eye shadow — there was a time when things just didn’t really matter.

People made classic music, and it was fun.

Don’t get us wrong, the 2000s were definitely the awkward stage of pop culture —11-year-old America, if you will. Substance was low, “aesthetic” was not even palpable, and everything was generally mismatched. But, as much as we try to hate the 2000s, we can’t help but reminisce on those formative, yet highly embarrassing years. Some of these songs hold their quality to this day, but most of them just are appreciated for the memories of which they remind us.

So, get ready for the zits of the music industry, and just jam out.