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Artist Profile: S U R V I V E


Even if you haven’t jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon, you’ve at least heard about it. It’s the X-Files meets the Goonies, following a group of ragtag middle schoolers on their journey to find their lost friend and defeat the Demogorgon. But it’s not just the characters that are getting all of the attention. Even before Stranger Things first aired in July of 2016,

S U R V I V E has been getting recognition from major sites, such as Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, and Stereogum, for being the men behind the magic- or in this case, the music.

The name “80s synth wizards”, given by FactMag, could not be more accurate for this Texas-based analog electronic quartet. In their music, S U R V I V E embodies everything the 80s was and everything 2016 should be. Tracks are littered with hazy sci-fi vibes that do nothing to calm the nerves. Since their first album, Mnq026, this synth band has been producing retro-influenced tunes that make your palms sweaty and keep you on edge. It’s because of this effect that the group has been on a number of soundtracks for anything ranging from vintage horror to trippy sci-fi scores, including Stranger Things.

In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, band member Zack Ruskin said, “This is music that also stands on its own, a work by turns eerie and sparse, but also tinged in the warm nostalgia of bike rides at dusk and the loyalty of friends,” and I couldn’t agree more.

By creating their own niche genre, S U R V I V E has been changing the game of lo-fi electro instrumentals since their first LP in 2012.

I’d say S U R V I V E is here to stay, but stranger things have happened.

My favorite tracks:




Holographic Landscape


Nearby shows:

S U R V I V E will be playing at El Club in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, November 5th.

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