The Avenue Cafe Hosts Chris LeSage During BLM Event


Anna Gustafson

I don’t usually write reviews, but when I do, it’s because I am so purely impressed with an act that I can’t possibly keep my mouth shut. On Friday night, The Avenue Cafe in Lansing hosted a Black Lives Matter event. With the lineup, there’s no surprise the proceeds added up to around $800.

Spoken word poetry, jazz music, free zines for everyone and a “yard sale” — all happening in the space. Among all the fun, my favorite part was Chicago musician and activist Chris LeSage. He had a sharp and beautiful voice backed with masterfully produced hip hop and a DJ counterpart to add dimension. Unfortunately, his SoundCloud hasn’t been updated with his newest work, but he closed his set with his song “Dream Catcher,” about his mom. Raising his fist he yells “Black moms are amazing!” Reminiscent of the Kanye West classic, “Hey Mamma,” or Chance The Rappers mentions of his mother on Coloring Book. LeSage belted a beautiful and dynamic last song to end his performance. His SoundCloud is linked below. Here’s hoping “Dreamcatcher” will be available for listening as soon as possible.