Spotify teams up with Tinder for more personalized experience


Andrew Becker

More than ever, Tinder deserves to be pinned on your homescreen next to your trusted co-pilot app, Spotify.

Already smoothly scoring you street-cred from the end of an aux-cord, Spotify aims to give you another way to tote your taste, filling the role of wingman by finding someone who really resonates with your well-toned heart beat. Spotify can now be displayed on your Tinder profile showing your favorite artists.

At any reasonable moment, you should be listening to music. Relish those sounds at any time that would otherwise be free, breathable air and now with someone you can grow with and — hopefully —expand your taste with.

A top artist interface is now available and linked to your Spotify — if you so choose. Looking for fellow fans is easier than people watching at concerts. Convenience at last behind a screen, comfortably cozy in technology. Previews of favorite songs and artists now feel much more accessible and personalized instead of squandering space for sacred one liners within your bio. After all, this is what truly clicks people together.

Perhaps to show flexibility or a resolve much quicker and straightforward, Anthems are also introduced allowing you to brandish your taste patriotically. They may not be flags draped like a cape, but that small button pridefully shows what encapsulates you or your prospective dating archetype. Think of something that puts you in shining glory or might just be the win-all-be-all of emotionally-charged sound. Objectively — although music is never looked at through this lense— it should be good.

Personally, I would place this track on a pedestal. If the title isn’t enough, an instrumental delivered by Michael Collins is plenty to strike a chord without imposing too much.

Even if this update goes without bites, don’t be sad. They might’ve only treasured that artist’s single. A loud concert might not be the best place to talk and get to know each other. Really it’s just the solace that you tried and really gave it your all. This partnership may not solve your dating problems, but will stratify that awkward process of really hurdling through the zone of small talk.