Father John Misty blasts new song in Insta series, deletes account


Anna Gustafson

I like to think of myself as someone who is at least relatively up to date with music news, but when I heard a clip of Father John Misty’s new song this weekend, it was entirely accidental. I scrolled down the Instagram home page and noticed Josh Tillman had posted almost 20 videos, all with the same thumbnail. Upon further investigation, I noticed the videos are all exactly the same, the thumbnail being an out-of-focus shot of blurry instruments. The audio is a rough sample of what seems to be the artist’s latest, in progress. The caption of the first post: “We have fun in the studio.”

The mystery of this experience exposed itself when I attempted to follow up on it Sunday evening. I typed in Father John’s Instagram and received an error message. Confused, I resulted to Google. After searching the artist, I noticed that his Instagram had been removed, (though if you check on mobile devices you can still see what remains of a vacant page, with 183 thousand followers and no posts). Along with this, his Twitter is gone, and the most recent news regarding Father John Misty is from May, despite notorious events happening between then and now. If you delve deeper, recent news articles are available, but none regarding his Instagram account. The few available are quite difficult to track down. I can’t help but be a bit confused and alarmed, but if you’d like, try researching for yourself.

Father John Misty is widely known as quite the Instagram troll, so I’m eager to see how this plays out. Updates will follow.