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Big League Chewers- Major L Baseball, Pitchers Need a Bandaid | Episode 2 |
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Impact 89FM Weekly Adds — All the new music you’ll hear on our station


Here’s what music the station is adding this week. We hope y’all enjoy it as much as we do.


Artist: De La Soul
Album: and the Anonymous Nobody

Song: Trainwreck

Pitchfork reports that “De La Soul raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter to fund their next album, their first since 2004’s The Grind Date. Recently, they gave an update on the project: It’s called and the Anonymous Nobody….” The album dropped August 26th and features “Trainwreck.”


Artist: Mild High Club
Album: Skiptracing

Song: Kokopelli

Mild High Club’s facebook page reads, “WELCOME TO THE MILD HIGH CLUB “A STONE IN THE ZEN GARDEN OF LA SLACK FUNK PSYCHEDELIA.”” Consequence of Sound writes about the album : “Brettin is reaching for a cohesive experience, with melodic easter eggs tying the songs together as movements of a single conceptual piece.”


Artist: Pill
Album: Convenience

Song: Medicine

Co-Sign writes: “Pill found each other in Brooklyn NY, its members colliding in the city’s ever-changing DIY community. Their music is a pulsing protest of anguish and desire clotted with arrhythmia and dissonance. It’s a howl of freedom that is conscious of that freedom’s cost. Call it No wave, call it post-punk; at this stage, it’s more modern-day folk or protest music for what New York City has become.”

Artist: Death By Unga Bunga
Album: Fight SINGLE

Song: Fight

Stereogum said, “Depending on the way the light hits, Death By Unga Bunga either make garage-rock with the melodic precision of power-pop or power-pop with the scrappy energy of garage-rock.” 2016 seems to be the year for the band: they released Pineapple Pizza in March and are releasing the Fight! EP September 9th.   


Artist: Magic Trick
Album: Other Man’s Blues

Song: Forest of Kate’s

Magic Trick released this album through Empty Cellar. According to Midheaven Mailorder, it was “written and recorded while songwriter Tim Cohen split his time between two lives and two worlds, a horse ranch with his newborn daughter, and on tour or at Phil Manley’s Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco.”


Artist: Terra Lightfoot
Album: Every Time My Mind Runs Wild

Song: Never Will

Shine-On says of Terra that “her songs tap into the raw emotion of hearts supercharged by love, lust, loneliness and temptation. Her playing melds expert finger-picking and distorted, hook-heavy melodies. And her elemental voice commands attention and awe, whether on slow-burning soul ballads or hard-charging rock numbers.”


Artist: Frank Ocean
Album: Blonde

Song: White Ferrari

Music.Mic talks about the hidden meaning behind Ocean’s “White Ferrari:” “The song narrates a drive Ocean takes with his beau in an ideal, but familiar car — a white Ferrari. The open road allows their minds to wander, and they muse on love, alternate dimensions, the afterlife and his plans for the future. ‘I’m sure we’re taller in another dimension/ You say we’re smaller and not worth the mention.’ Ocean believes he and his driving beau are part of something much greater while his partner takes more of a nihilistic view. Despite their differences, the two continue to connect: ‘Clearly this isn’t all that that there is, can’t take what’s been given,” Ocean sings. ‘But we’re so okay here, we’re doing fine.’ It’s a moment of peace on an album rife with internal conflicts, nostalgic losses and metaphysical conundrums. It seems to offer a taste of the album’s ultimate wisdom: by continuing to move forward, exploring with gratitude and curiosity does life feel full.”


Artist: Cass McCombs
Album: Mangy Love

Song: Opposite House

Pitchfork named this song Best New Track by saying, “Cass McCombs writes songs for rainy days. Over the last 15 years, he has perfected a specific style of low-key, dusky mood music suited for long, gray weekends spent indoors with the blinds closed. . . his are songs you sing to yourself, wandering around the house, looking for something to do. And judging by ‘Opposite House,’ the first single from Mangy Love, he may be starting to go stir crazy.”


Artist: The Warlocks
Album: Songs From The Pale Eclipse

Song: We Took All The Acid

Formed in 1999, The Warlocks have been making music with legends for a long time. SPIN said it best: “Veteran experimental psych-rock act the Warlocks’ current lineup is out of hiding, and putting all of their skeletons on display with the heart-numbing first single from upcoming LP Songs From The Pale Eclipse, due out 9/2 through Cleopatra Records. “Lonesome Bulldog” features muted vocals from bandleader Bobby Hecksher weaving wearily through static sonic terrain with the gusto of a jaded vagabond — which is a lot more pleasing than that description may sound.”


Artist: Angel Olsen
Album: My Woman

Song: Shut Up Kiss Me

Once again, we look to Pitchfork:Modern noises vanish when Olsen sings. From the bracing incantations of 2012’s Half Way Home to Olsen’s folk-rock opus, 2014’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness, her name is now synonymous with a voice. Each note tells a story. Hers are tales of absolute yearning and resilience. They honor the romance of being alone in your head. Olsen has perfected the idea that it is still possible—if language is precise enough, if the truth of your music is as elemental as color or blood—to write oneself out of time. Her lyrics have the conviction of someone like Fiona Apple: a profoundly individual presence that centers, above all, on self-reliance, on searing autonomy, on the act of becoming.”


Artist: Vinyl Williams
Album: Brunei

Song: Riddles of the Sphinx

Impose Magazine dug into the musician and visual artist before Brunei came out. They said, “ You may not have heard of him yet, you’ve surely heard of his grandfather, aka John Williams, the brilliance behind the music for things such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park. . .” Of the song, they wrote, “ The electronic sound paired with the tambourine creates a sound that is almost tribal, but modern at the same time. The rest of the instrumentals and vocals join in and it’s seamless, like one being just gliding along. The vocals are wispy and float along the other layers of music. This track has a thoroughly psychedelic feel and it’s just oh so smooth.”


Artist: Megafauna
Album: Welcome Home

Song: Desire

Lead singer, Dani Neff, said of the song: “[It] came from a place of deep self exploration, an attempt to get to a version of my self located beneath the surface of reality. I couldn’t sleep and every time I closed my eyes I saw a seemingly infinite string of disturbing faces, each expanding out from the last. I sat down at my guitar and the song just flowed out of me. Songs often take me weeks or months to write but this one just flowed out in one piece with all of its off the wall time shifts and key changes. It felt like channeling a gift from another dimension.”


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