The Basement 8/4/2016


Meghan Zimmerman

The Tiny Ugly Germs—Gray Sub-Compact

Cheap Girls—Slow Nod

Amateur Eyes—For Sam, Wherever You Are

Mountain Club—Ocean Floor

All Is Well—Let Go

Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe—I Need Time

Marching By—Full Monty

Charades—Full Monty

Screech—Full Monty

Used hand Grenade—Full Monty

They Think They Know—Full Monty

Lights and Caves—To The Solipsist

The Plurals—Crush

Two Faced—Telephone Call

The Fever Haze—So What

Secret Grief– Aokigahara

Young Pioneer—Sting Like This

Breathe Owl Breathe—Swimming

Desmond Jones—Mt. Meesha

Fire- Krissy Booth

O My Brain- Peter Hochstedler

Desmond Jones- Mt. Meesha

Elliot Street Lunatic- Ghost Town