Thee Hourz O’ Power – 7/14/16




Riot – Sign Of The Crimson Storm

Blood Red Throne – Revocation of Humankind

Centinex – Doomsday

Vader – Forwards To Die!!!

Brocas Helm – Defender Of The Crown

Cauldron – All Or Nothing

Candlemass – Death Thy Lover

Morbid Angel – Fall From Grace

Deicide – Dead But Dreaming

Dawn Of Disease – Through Nameless Ages

Dust Bolt – Turned To Grey

Voivod – Forgotten In Space

Death – Spirit Crusher


Tyr – I (Black Sabbath Cover)

Tank – WMLA

Grim Reaper – Liar

Slough Feg – High Passage/Low Passage

Overkill – Tyrant (Judas Priest Cover)

Sodom – Bombenhagel

Rage – Spirits Of The Night

Hellsworn – Lifeless

Diamond Head – Am I Evil

Judas Priest – Bloodstone

Exmortus – Valor And Might

Exodus – One Foot In The Grave [request]


Revocation – Arbiters Of The Apocalypse

Revocation – Theatre Of Horror

Revocation – Monolithic Ignorance

Revocation – Crumbling Imperium

Revocation – Communion

Revocation – The Exaltation

Revocation – Profanum Vulgus

Revocation – Copernican Heresy

Revocation – Only The Spineless Survive

Revocation – Cleaving Giants Of Ice

Revocation – Altar Of Sacrifice (Slayer cover)


Pestifere – Comorant Tree

Summit – Hymn Of The Forlorn Wayfarer

Wolves In The Throne Room – Face In A Night Time Mirror (Part 2)

Forteresse – La ou Nous Allons

Watain – Reaping Death

Venom – In League With Satan

Skiltron – One Way Journey

Stratovarius – Higher We Go