Pity Party | 6.15.16


Erica Marra

On tonight’s show, hosts Kevin and Erica caught up on playing tons of new music from artists like You Blew It!, Say Anything, and mewithoutYou in addition to spinning your classic emo and punk favorites. More to come next Wednesday!

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Bloodhound – Foxing

Vessels – Julien Baker

Sundays (emo side project) – joie de vivre

Volumes – Tiny Moving Parts

I Feel Exhausted – Everyone Everywhere

Librarian – My Morning Jacket

France – Ghost Mice

Midwest Values – CSTVT

Seventy Times Seven – Brand New

Where Is My Mind? – Pixies

Slow Down – Seahaven

Lose Your Grip – Basement

Cannonball – Tigers Jaw

In The Morning – Nicole Reynolds

Honestly? – American Football


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I Am Not A Real Doctor – Posture & The Grizzly

The One With David (Demo) – You Blew It!

Knuckles – Moose Blood

Cleo’s Ferry Cemetery – mewithoutYou

Torches Apart – Say Anything

Parking Lots – Told Slant

What You Want – Teen Suicide

Falling In Love With Glaciers – Listener

Smooth Embrace – Skull Kid

Psychic Reader – Bad Bad Hats

Wolfman – The Front Bottoms

Emo Revival – Emo Side Project

Cute Without the “E” (Cut From the Team) – Taking Back Sunday

This Could Be Anywhere In The World – Alexisonfire

Sic Transit Gloria.. Glory Fades – Brand New