Thee Hourz O’ Power – 5/5/2016

Jacob Nevin


Sauron – Thrash Metal Nightmare

Satyrasis – A Foot in Each Grave

Genocya – Hatred in the Flesh



Exploding Zombies – Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

The Devastator – Black Rupture

Dark Psychosis – Frozen Winds

Death Angel – Seemingly Endless Time

Wastelander – Hibernation Sickness

The Meatmen – Evil in a League with Satan (Venom cover)

Alestorm – Wooden Leg!

Harbinger – The Dark Ages

Wülfhook – Bridge Burner

Testament – Ride

Warrel Dane – Patterns

Orden Ogan – Here At the End of the World



Reptilian Brain – Quantum Weirdness

Drink Their Blood – Ghosts

Hordes – Life Crusher

Croatone – Girth Brooks

Blind Haven – Tears of Grief

Centenary – NO SONG

Farting Corpse – EP thing?

Pan – The Ancient Isle & Disillusionment

Failed – Truth is Not Lies

Voyager 3 – Raise Your Shields


Past Tense – NO SONG

Scatterbrain – Don’t Call Me Dude

Cavalcade – These Bastard Years

Dead Hour Noise – The Looming Sky

Steely Dad – Robert Tepper – No Easy Way Out

Powermad – Nice Dreams

Flood the Desert – Pyramid in the Sky

Beast in the Field – Invoke the King of Hell

Powerwolf – Christ & Combat

Powerwolf – Sanctified with Dynamite

Acid Witch – October 31st

Living Colour – Which Way to America?

Death (MI) – Rock n Roll Victim