Thee Hourz O’ Power – 4/15/2016


Jacob Nevin


Vainaja – Väärän Ristin Valtakunta

Satyrasis – A Foot in Each Grave

Amon Amarth – The Way of Vikings

Iron Maiden – Phantom of the Opera

Judas Priest – Sinner

Tokyo Blade – Break the Chains

Full of Hell – Dregs of Pluto

Bateman – Heroin Girl (Everclear cover)

The Sustained Low ‘C’ of Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra” – Lime


Geng – A National Acrobat (Black Sabbath remix)

Hordes – Summer

Sleep – Dragonaut

Oxbow – Cat and Mouse

Wild Man Fischer – Merry-Go-Round

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Sleep is Wrong

Witchcraft – The Outcast

Church of Misery – Make Them Die Slowly

Beastmaker – Arachne

Acid Witch – Witchblood Cult

Thou – Into the Marshlands


The Body/Full of Hell – One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

The Body/Full of Hell – Fleshworks

The Body/Full of Hell – The Butcher

The Body/Full of Hell – Gehorwilt

The Body/Full of Hell – World of Hope and No Pain

The Body/Full of Hell – Himmel und Hölle

The Body/Full of Hell – Bottled Urn

The Body/Full of Hell – The Little Death

The Body/Full of Hell – Cain

The Body/Full of Hell – Abel

Neurosis – Cold Ascending

Ghost Bath – Death and The Maiden


Thy Catafalque – Az Ősanya Szól Ivadékaihoz

Amon Amarth – Cry of the Black Birds

Deströyer 666 – Live and Burn

Ihsahn – Mass Darkness

Skáphe – II

Black Crown Initiate – Withering Waves

Tombstalker – Blood Thirster

Wastelander – Desert Law

Destruction – Under Attack

Carnivore – Technophobia

Gadget – The Great Destroyer

The Meatmen – Evil in a League with Satan (Venom cover)