Top Reads of the Week: Where is the Love?


Alexa McCarthy

These week we move back to gender in sports (did you think we could go so long without it?). On the podcast Julie Angell, Alexa McCarthy and Bradley Allen discuss the wage gap in U.S. soccer and the larger implications within the sports world (tennis we’re looking at you). Zach Barnes gives his hot take on those rowdy Royals and his opinion may surprise you.

Here are our tops reads of the week:

The U.S. Women’s Soccer team made headlines this week when they filed a complaint with the federal Equal Opportunity Commission. Basically they get paid less, and they’re not happy about it. From New York Times

The Royals are known for starting controversy, and may be a part of baseball’s bigger problem. From Fox Sports.

Not a fan of Buzzfeed? Great. Read this. From Fast Company.

Lebron James is a little bit of a drama queen. But Windhorst argues, it’s all worth it. From ESPN.

Also, if you’re complaining about some new tech update… Just don’t. From The Ringer.


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