Reminded/Weighed Down | Somos


Kevin Kortas

First Day Back, released just over a month ago through Hopeless Records, is filled with the soothing guitar melodies and crisp vocals we’ve come to expect from Boston, Massachusetts natives Somos. The album continues to blur the lines between cleverly crafted and minimalistic guitar-driven indie-rock and the brooding emo subgenre.

“Reminded/Weighed Down will immediately stand out to you. Whether it’s the perfectly layered guitar riffs, haunting and cryptic verses, or subtle relationship you feel building as the song progresses, you’ll be nodding your head and humming along before you know it.

Further listening allows you to critically analyze what lead vocalist Michael Fiorentino is trying to express. You’ll also notice the well-placed effects and thematic connections to the rest of the album.  Whether you’re a well versed fan of Somos, or this is your first exposure to them, you can catch “Reminded/ Weighed Down” on Impact 89FM.