Top Reads: Truth Wanted


WDBM Sports Staff

Uhoh, we’re getting political this week.

This week’s selection includes a comparison of a certain college football coach to a certain presidential candidate, how a video game helps fans and consumers forget about corruption, and how anxiety doesn’t discriminate, not even against elite athletes.

Here are our top reads of the week:

  • Major league pitcher Tyler Matzek battles anxiety, from the Denver Post.
  • FIFA’s brand not completely tarnished because of popular video game, from AP.
  • How Nike missed out on Steph Curry, from ESPN.
  • What do Donald Trump and Jim Harbaugh have in common? They love to take shots on twitter, from The Ringer.

On the podcast, Alexa McCarthy and Bradley Allen discuss the FIFA video game brand marketing as well as Steph Curry and the rise of Under Armor.

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