Top Reads of the Week – Murky Waters


Alexa McCarthy

After a few weeks absent, Impact sports staff finally has a few top reads to share. This week, Julie Angell and Alexa McCarthy head into the polluted waters of Brazil and into the murky waters of the future of radio. And you thought those two had nothing to do with each other.



Succeeding in the Rio De Janero Olympics takes skills, strength and now bleach. From Yahoo Sports

Kawhi Leonard is the rare breed of athlete that distinguishes from greatness and stardom. He also collects Wingstop coupons. From Sports Illustrated

Arizona State finished a 10-22-5 season this year. But that’s beside the point, they just want their own arena. From New York Times.

NPR has made a choice to not promote their podcasts on air. As a radio station who also produces podcasts this makes us think. From Neiman Lab.

Jeff Lerg was a National Champion at MSU, he currently plays in the ECHL. He is 5’6”,  he has torn his ACL in both knees, and just wants his shot. From Sports Illustrated.
Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune dives deep into former college standout at BYU and Arizona Cardinal, Max Hall’s battle addiction and his steps to recover. Read Here.