Asian Music Mondays 02/15/16

Jessica Lee

For this week on Asian Music Mondays, you will hear from the special playlist of all the best music in Japan 2015. Let’s do the review with your host Lulu to see what happened in the past year of 2015 in Japan!

Next You – “Next is you”

A応P / AOP – “はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ”

Happiness – “Sexy Young Beautiful”

G4 · IV – “彼女はゾンビ”

E-Girls – “Dance Dance Dance”

EXILE – “All Night Long”

椎名林檎 / Sheena Ringo – “至上の人生 / Superem Life”

福山雅治 / Fukuyama masaharu – “I am a hero”

倖田來未 / Koda Kumi – “Dance in the rain”

宮野真守 / Miyano Mamoru – “How Close You Are”

Lia – “Bravely You”

澤野弘之 / Sawano Hiroyuku – “theDOGS”

ONE OK ROCK – “Heartache”

Goose House – “コバルトの街”

J Soul Brothers – “Summer Madness”

V6 – :Break Out”

中孝介 – “目をとじても / Close your eyes”

KOKIA – “I found the love”

SMAP – “世界に一つだけの花 / The only flower in the world”

中島美嘉 / Mika Nakashima – “花束 / Bunch of flowers”