Cults | Always Forever


© pit pony photography / , via Wikimedia Commons

Andrew Becker

Off Cults‘ 2013 sophomore album, Static, is this entrancing crush fueled dream. “Always Forever” stands out as the third track to kickstart goosebumps, emotions and a lulled out wave to wash over you.  It’s the perfect song to toss those soft caring thoughts around whilst pirouetting in your room thinking about your significant other.

Gazing on a perfectly cascading snowy nightfall, feeling comfortably timeless, everything is in line. Always Forever is a captivating experience only endearingly enhanced by thinking about someone to share it with.

Or like most Indie implications they come from sugar-coated words paired to an accessible sound only to cut you with underlying meanings. “Always Forever’s” music video puts our parallel of dreaming desires into a harsh reality. Crushes land hardest on our wants and sometimes don’t work out ideally. More often than not, love doesn’t match up in our meeting mesh of charged emotions.

Maybe a bit deep coming from a poppy song and the timing of a hallmark holiday, but these whirlwind of emotions should leave a mark. Love it or not, “Always Forever” is worth the trip.

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