Feel You | Julia Holter


image via https://www.flickr.com/photos/villageunderground/10809306544

Nitish Pahwa

You don’t usually hear too many pop songs with harpsichord intros, but you rarely hear songs as beautiful as “Feel You” either.

In this stunning track, Julia Holter brings classical instrumentation into the 21st century. She creates a lush atmosphere that never feels anachronistic. Violins, choirs, harpsichords and bells meet driving bass and cracking drums to form a singularly unique soundscape. To put this song on is to lose yourself in a four-minute daydream guided by Holter’s wistful voice. As she recounts a distant love, you find yourself in a farther place with her.

Julia Holter develops a layered sound that welcomes you into her world without overwhelming you with her album Have You in My Wilderness. The baroque-pop of the Moody Blues is still alive and well.