Our Top Reads of the Week – January 26, 2016


Alexa McCarthy

Here at WDBM we’re a nerdy bunch who don’t just report on sports, but consume it every day. We’re always learning and looking to those above us to tell better stories about teams, athletes, coaches and fans. That means we read, a lot. From the high echelons of the New York Times, to the lowly corners of a hockey recruiting blog. To us, it’s all important.

Every week we will present to you a short list of the best stuff we’ve been reading, listening and watching.

ESPN’s Uncertain Future is Already Here: If you thought ESPN was untouchable, then this may shatter everything you thought you knew. From Deadspin

There are Fewer Women Coaches in College Basketball Than There Were a Decade Ago: While the Buffalo Bills and San Antonio Spurs have made headlines for hiring female coaches, women’s college basketball is falling behind. From FiveThirtyEight

Free Agency Continues to Be a Waiting Game for Justin Upton: Some interesting things about newly acquired Detroit Tiger, Justin Upton. From ESPN.

Friday Night Lights Out: Can football continue to survive as calls for reform grow? From The New Yorker.

Sens’ Bobby Ryan scored, so these kids are getting a puppy: We could use a puppy. From CBS Sports