Deep Web | Magic Potion

Deep Web | Magic Potion


The simplest songs can be the most memorable. They are not necessarily measured in the artist’s instrumental or vocal prowess, but  rather in hitting the right notes, lyrics and emotions. “Deep Web” by self-proclaimed brain-juice pop-band Magic Potion does just that.

“Deep Web”  is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning.” The words are simple yet troubling while the tune is simple yet innocent. “Only the ripples in the coffee, only the garbage by the door, saw you cry your eyeballs out,” the narrator whispers. “I couldn’t be there for you.”

Ultimately, the song is more comforting than unsettling. The guitars are butterfly wings — delicate, yet mesmerizing — carrying the song along weightlessly.

There are times when “only the dead plants by the window” or the “stains on your shirt” accompany you as you “wait for someone to come by.” Thankfully, beauty can be found in the simple things.  

This blissful little guitar-driven pop song appears on the group’s 2015 debut EP Melt.

The simplest things can be the most refreshing.