Anonymous Club | Courtney Barnett


Andrew Becker

Off of Courtney’s The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, we have a soothing slow burner that suddenly feels seasonal. With all the recent snow that encourages the thought of this song being a Christmas song, I think we’ve had enough of gleaming over Thanksgiving and its underrated holiday appeals. There’s all that physical comfort of food and warmer indoors, but don’t forget that share of intimacy with friends and family.

This Christmas party version of “Anonymous Club” strips away the colder vibes of the EP’s track. The bass is more exposed and there isn’t the same shrill and creaky guitar that gives a cracking, icy feel. Instead, it helps you think about sinking into the living room couch and being that much more intimate with company. Tambourines and arguably more endearing vocals really help to give that message of being welcome and back in open arms this holiday. Feeling strange or distanced, “Anonymous Club” is about really being comfortable and taking off our anxious exterior. Enjoy the food and feel close to those that love you this season.
Consider checking out her newest album, Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, and understand how Courtney really strings a song like a story to a friend in warm songs like “Elevator Operator”.