Clairvoyant | The Story So Far


Ashlee Krawczyk

It’s fall, it’s cloudy, the leaves are falling, and sometimes I get stuck in my feelings.

I like to turn to The Story So Far to get me out of my funk in those moments. The band’s hit single “Clairvoyant” put the band on the map after the 2013 release of album Stick To Your Guns. Since then, this song will occasionally pop into my head, and I just can’t get rid of it.  

TSSF bassist Kelen Capener claims in an interview with Cayem Interviews that the album reflects the band’s experience on the road and lack of control over their lives and relationships back home. Maybe my obsession with Stick To Your Guns stems from my experience as a college student. Being away from home and the ones you love is difficult. I feel this song is a jam almost everyone can relate to.

If you’re in the mood for some emotional lyrics and acoustic chords, “Clairvoyant” is the song for you.