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Fall Favorites | Part 6


The winter is slowly reaching toward us with its icy fingers as we celebrate some of the final 50 degree days of the year. This will be our last Fall Favorites post of 2015, and we hope the albums we’ve reminded you of or introduced you to helped pump up the fall spirit. Before we spiral into the hell hole that is a Michigan winter, check out these albums and the rest we’ve hand-selected for you in our Fall Favorites series.


Zach Lyons

Major: Psychology

Favorite fall activity: Anything but raking leaves

Favorite fall album: Downward Years to Come by Nothing

When a band decides to call themselves something as simple as “Nothing”, there is a sense of provocativeness that comes with the territory. Whether they are perceived by the listening public as some mysterious force to be reckoned with or just some punks from Philly, it could be said that they are a conglomerate of both observations. Nothing is a band that thrives in a void between the boisterous assault of heavy, down-tuned instruments and atmospheric soundscapes. These two factors seem like they should not be together in the same song, but this band blends them with a post-metal, Jesu-like simplicity.

One of Nothing’s first releases, their album Downward Years to Come, is transitional. It is transitional because it evokes ambivalence, feeling multiple emotions at once. That’s how fall is as well, a transitional season between summer and winter. It is a season characterized by grace in change, and the blasting yet beautiful force behind this album accomplishes the same feeling in standouts like “The Dives (Lazarus in Ashes),” the title track “Downward Years To Come” and “If Only.” Vocalist Dominic Palermo’s hushed vocals are a huge standout even amongst the massive instrumentation, adding to the dynamic of horrible serenity.

It is sad to see fall go in some ways, as we welcome even colder weather and soon to be snowy landscapes. This album is something to help ease the conversion. I recommend taking a drive and enjoying the fall colors with this album why they last. That is how I first enjoyed this album, and will continue to while the leaves are still around.



Makenzie McNeill

Major: Professional Writing & Communication

Favorite fall activity: Lots and lots of horror movies, plotting the perfect Halloween costume

Favorite fall album: Threads by Now, Now

Now, Now’s Threads just makes me feel fall. Maybe it’s the chilling sounds that slowly rise and fall, the generally somber tone, or the Instagram-esque photo of the silhouettes of trees. Particularly, the folky sounds found in the shortest track on the album, “Dead Oaks,” have me ready to don several layers of flannel. It’s my go-to “feel-sad-about-yourself” record, and the trio has me waiting for that new album they keep promising.


Anna Spizzirri

Major: Astrophysics

Favorite fall activity: Wearing all of my flannels

Favorite fall album: A Day At The Races by Queen

If asked what my spirit animal is, I would definitely have to go with Freddy Mercury because he brings fierceness to a whole different level. This is why my favorite fall album is A Day At The Races by Queen. 

I love this album from a lyrical standpoint. The lyrics of each song pull me into a trance which I cannot and do not want to escape from. “…for every star in heaven, there’s a sad soul here today…” and “Waves of alternatives wash at my sleepiness, have my eggs poached before breakfast, I guess” are just a couple of examples of the luring lyrics.

Of course, my all-time favorite song on the album is “Somebody To Love” and I think I can speak on behalf of every Queen fan that it is one of their beloved classics. Freddy’s power note towards the end really gets the people going. I mean, who doesn’t try to hit that toe-curling note?

Another reason why this album is my number one pick for fall is the different and unique songs that come along with it. “You Take My Breath Away” is a love song that hits me right in the feels, with dark harmonies that can pull you into an eerie state of mind. “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” and “Millionaire Waltz” are also on the list unique songs. They are like Broadway rock productions with just the right amount of what is happening and holy shit these guys are musical geniuses.

Catch me jamming out and nailing every guitar riff to A Day At The Races while the leaves start to fall and “people blow their leafy loads over pumpkin spice lattes” in the wise words of Matt Bellassai from Buzzfeed.

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