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We Watch it for the Music | American Pie


If an acclaimed, award-winning soundtrack is what you’re looking for, you’ve probably come to the wrong place.

American Pie — while an unconventional choice — happens to possess my personal favorite soundtrack. Despite each of the film’s different directors, the American Pie franchise manages to keep the early millennial pop-punk genre alive.

The films are full of teen angst and whiny voices — both in cinematic theme and soundtrack — that will transport you back to the early 2000s.


Mutt by Blink-182


The epitome of early pop-punk, Blink-182 not only makes a cameo in the film, but contributes to the first film’s soundtrack as well.  The music cues as main character Jim Levenstein runs down the block upon the arrival of beautiful and exotic Nadia to his room.

As Jim runs, Tom Delonge is heard whining, “She’s open waiting for more/ And I know he’s only looking to score.” After witnessing Jim set up his primitive 90s webcam to face his bed whilst awaiting the arrival of Nadia, the lyrics imply that Jim is on his way to his friend’s home to…do whatever it is boys do when they leave a secret webcam open filming a beautiful girl.

And if the lyrics aren’t enough to sum up Jim’s intentions, the fact that the song is about a friend of Blink’s who “used to get laid a lot” combined with the characters’ pact to lose their virginities should do the trick.



Fat Lip by Sum 41

If this song doesn’t bring a smile to your rebellious face, then I hope Steve Stifler will. Sum 41’s rebel anthem plays in Stifler’s anticipated debut in the film’s second installment, American Pie 2.  Just like Sum 41, Stifler is “sick of always hearing ‘act your age’” and is the type of person to “laugh when old people fall,” but “what would you expect with a conscience so small?”  The song carries the I-don’t-care-if-I’m-offensive attitude, making it worthy of a Stiffmeister scene.




Times Like These by Foo Fighters

After losing his virginity and finding his first love, Jim is finally ready for the American Wedding. What better way to start a film known for its punk-rock influence than with a little Foo Fighters?

The song begins at the end of Jim’s beautiful yet unorthodox proposal and transitions into the guys asking him how he knows she’s the one. Jim responds that he “just knows that it’s time for him,” referencing to both the song and the film’s wedding plot.

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