#SPOOKYJOTD Get Down Goblin | Jan Terri


Jonathon Zeitler

Who’s that knockin’ on my door?

Jan Terri? Who’s that?

Jan Terri is the real deal, the true underdog in every sense. She captured some minor attention with the music video for her song “Losing You” which was uploaded to Youtube… with the title “Worst music video ever.” Her subsequent appearances in popular media have followed that attitude – the predominant treatment has been mocking and borderline humiliation. The reporter who presented her appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” even went so far as to imitate her speech impediment for “comedic effect.” She’s the kind of phenomenon that people love to point and laugh at.

The strange thing is, Jan Terri kind of does the same thing as all the stuff that hits the radio. It’s our perception of what “belongs” there that keeps the everyman out.

Case in point: “Get Down Goblin.”

We’ve all heard “The Monster Mash” and “Thriller.” These songs are beloved Halloween classics, but it’s certainly not because they’re well-performed or exceptionally well-written. It’s because they are fun.
I challenge you to listen to “Get Down Goblin” (and watch the video, perhaps even learn those smooth dance moves) and propose that it is not fun.