Trip Switch | Nothing But Thieves


Ally Hamzey

If you ever happen to surpass my car while driving on the highway, and Im belting some song at the top of my lungs, there a 60% chance it will be this song. In fact, if you ever catch me belting a song anywhere, there is a good chance that it is this one. Even bigger bonus if you play FIFA 16; this track is apparently on its soundtrack.

Whether you’re playing a video game and jamming out to this song, or on the highway putting stress on your vocal cords singing it, this song is always a mood changer. A YouTube comment from Hannah lovesglitterreally sums up the aftertaste from this jam perfectly: New life has entered me….I’m ready to conquer anything.

OK, so stop letting me talk up this song and go listen to it, hopefully youre just as passionate as Hannah lovesglitter and I.