Airport Bar | Martin Courtney


Bill Graham

Known primarily for his vocal work with the band Real Estate, Martin Courtney has found his way back into the studio, this time to record a solo album. On the latest single, “Airport Bar”, Courtney is not trying to experiment with something new, but rather chooses to work with a style that has proven successful in the past.

But that’s not a bad thing. “Airport Bar”, along with two other singles released in early September, will provide relief for fans longing for a follow up to Real Estate’s Atlas (2014). On the newest track, we hear the same airy vocals and jangly instrumentals that helped put Courtney and his bandmates on the map.

In addition to his latest single, make sure to check out the two previously released tracks, “Vestiges and “Northern Highway, and pick up your copy of Courtney’s debut solo album, Many Moons, on October 30.