Treat Me Like Fire | LION BABE


Maura Chappelle

LION BABE’s “Treat Me Like Fire” is a bass-heavy, electronic soul groove that features the rich vocals of recording artist Jillian Hervey, (daughter of Miss America and actress Vanessa Williams) and the music of Lucas Goodman. The song is bold, and Hervey owns it. She owns her hair, her music, and pretty much everything else.

The song blends the old with the new, incorporating a radiotelephone effect on the backup vocals and a deep, pulsing dance beat that is obviously more current in today’s music. Her mellifluous vocals compliment the static undertone, mimicking that of an old-fashioned record player. It’s a delightful contrast, which perhaps explains why the song is both familiar and provocative.

At exactly two minutes, where the sexiest part of the sexy song commences, Hervey lets out an effortless riff, where her transitions from her falsetto to her chest voice are so natural and so… sexy! No other word accurately describes the song better than sexy.

A sexy song for a sexy Wednesday.