Fell In the Sun | Big Grams


Tess Hoopingarner

OutKast’s Big Boi groovy rap madness and Phantogram’s sexy synth-pop sound made a wonderful alien baby, Big Grams.

This entire self-titled album is awesome, and so is this cover art (naked gold people are pretty cool), but “Fell In the Sun” is something special. This song is funky and exciting. It’s a feel good! It’s the song you listen to before you go out on the town.

Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel has this flawlessly smooth voice in comparison to the horns, snares, and beat. When it quiets down, you get Big Boi rapping to us about why he’s just so damn cool. He flew so high, he fell into the sun! This song is sexy and makes you wanna go do something big.

So, maybe walk to class or do some homework…