Huddlecast Review: Former MSU Players Leave Nothing to the Imagination in New Podcast


Julie Angell

[su_pullquote align=”right”]”Despite the audio sounding like it’s recorded in an actual football huddle muffled by large, sweaty men, I give the podcast an “A” for content.”[/su_pullquote]Imagine: Listening instead of reading. So much less work. So much more room for activities.

If you have not heard, two former Michigan State football players host their own podcast for Spartan fans’ listening pleasure.

Huddlecast is the “official voice of former college athletes,” and a way for fans to get inside the heads of former footballers, punter Mike Sadler (2011-14) and offensive lineman Travis Jackson (2011-14).

Each Michigan State Huddlecast is approximately 45 minutes long. Good news for all of you without the time to listen to each one right now – I reviewed them myself. You’re welcome.

[su_pullquote]“Hearing from the actual athletes is a breath of fresh air…”[/su_pullquote]Yes. We get to hear from those big men who run and jump and hit each other on the field. Not just those out-of-shape reporters brushing Doritos dust off their collared shirts (oh wait, that’s just me…).

Hearing from the actual athletes is a breath of fresh air, because – you know – they are the people actually doing the cool running-jumping-hitting-flipping-touchdown-type stuff.

“Travis and I only know so much about football…Oh wait, we played,” Sadler joked in the Purdue recap.

Sadler’s charming sarcasm and quippy comebacks are the reason he has so many Twitter followers. If you know Sadler’s humor, you know he slays. 

Most of the jokes are set aside, however, as Jackson and Sadler analyze each game from their unique point of view.

These guys are also not afraid to throw shade on their former team, either. Sadler gave MSU’s special teams a “D for Destructive” grade after the Purdue game. Sadler is blunt – he calls it like he sees it.

In the same Purdue recap, Jackson calls himself a die-hard fan who is “dying to see some consistency” from his former football team.

Aren’t all Spartan fans, Travis?

[su_pullquote align=”right”]“If you know Sadler’s humor, you know he slays.”[/su_pullquote]Personally, I respond to honesty, so as a listener, I appreciate it when Sadler calls Rutgers the “New Jersey circus” –  referencing their head coach’s suspension, players kicked off the team and wide receiver Leonte Carroo’s (recently dropped) assault charges.

Also in the “Rutgers Game Preview” podcast, former Spartan footballer Brian Linthicum joined Sadler and Jackson on the show. Linthicum played tight end for three years until 2011, but most importantly he has his own Wikipedia page. I award 50 points for having famous guests on the show.

The players also had Joe Rexrode, Detroit Free Press MSU beat writer, on the “Purdue Game Preview” episode. It is also nice to see Rexrode making the rounds on “young” podcasts, like ours.

Along with criticism, high-profile guests and quippy one-liners, Sadler and Jackson give us rants. Sadler sounds off on Spartan football players, the sport in general and the NCAA.

The Michigan State Huddlecast will only continue to improve and release unique content.

Despite the audio sounding like it’s recorded in an actual football huddle muffled by large, sweaty men, I give the podcast an “A” for content.

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