Oklahoma | Wild Child


Hanna Kielar

Wild Child released a new album at the beginning of October called Fools, and it’s another heart-wrenching collection. Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins combine their touching lyrics with haunting vocals to create the third Wild Child album.

There are some songs that I can’t see myself forgetting anytime soon. The first time I listened to “Oklahoma,” I began a list of wedding songs. Not that that list actually exists, but if I were to have a list, “Oklahoma” would definitely be at the top. How beautiful would it be to dance along with the lyrics: “This is it, I think I found myself the one/And if I’m I’m wrong don’t turn me right”?

The vocals on this particular track are full of hope for the future, twinged with a little heartbreak from the past. It’s a very honest song about letting go and living in the moment with the person or people that make the present so worth it. The fear of getting hurt, “the ghosts” that the song refers to, should not keep us from trying again.