Universal Beat | Universal Guam


Victor Ezenwoko

What’s good East Lansing?! And of course everyone else tuned in from around the world?!

After much ado, the Universal Beat was glad to present the UNIVERSAL GUAM! A collaboration between our very own DJ 6Foot7 and Asian Music Monday‘s very own, Jess! The first half of the show featured Jess sharing her experiences growing up in Guam, as well as a great insight into their culture and wonderful music. Afterwards, DJ 6Foot7 took over again to take you around the globe, mainly the islands, Jamaica and Nigeria.

Look out for another special show next week as DJ 6Foot7 dedicates it to celebrating the Nigerian Dependence day (October 1).

Guam Playlist

Second half Playlist

See you next week! Same place! Same time!

Have a great week.