Thee Hourz O’ Power | 9.3.15


Jacob Nevin

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Sir Lord Baltimore – Master Heartache
Saxon – Wheels of Steel
Raven – Fight
Slayer – Tormentor
Kreator – Phantom Antichrist
Black Fast – To Propagate The Void
Cavalcade – Popskull
Acid Bath – Graveflower
Stonecutters – The Bloodiest Battle
Leprous – The Price
Sigh – Kaedit Nos Pestis
Aura Noir – Blood Unity

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Panopticon – The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong
Verlies – L’Absolution
Ghost Bath – The Silver Flower Pt. II
Ghost – Absolution
Wülfhook – Tormentor
Iron Maiden – Speed of Light

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Battlecross – Scars
Battlecross – Not Your Slave
Battlecross – Absence
Battlecross – Spoiled
Battlecross – The Climb
Battlecross – Blood & Lies
Battlecross – Bound by Fear
Battlecross – Despised
Battlecross – Shackles
Battlecross – The Path
Iron Maiden – Wrathchild
Meatmen – Evil in a League with Satan (Venom cover)
AxCx – Gloves of Metal (Manowar cover)
Satan’s Host – Witches Return

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Bloodbath – Eaten
Aborted – From a Tepid Whiff
Lizzy Borden – Generation Aliens
Paradise Lost – Return to the Sun
Satyrasis – In Ruins
Magic Pie – King for a Day