The Basement | 8.20.15


Dom Korzecke

This week on The Basement

An awesome local playlist! Take a look!

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The Distorted Waltz – Rolling the Dice
The Devils Cut – Western Medicine
The Tiny Ugly Germs – Gray Sub-Compact
Dave Menzo – Living in a Bubble
Narc out the Reds – As Hipsters Do
Pity Sex – Wind Up
Mike Mains and the Branches – Beneath Water
Alaska – So Long My Captain
Hailey Wojick – Cigarette
The Mushmen – Scott Quit Work
Frontier Ruckus – How Could I Abandon?
Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus – Afterparty
Oeno – Hey Man
Lee Abramson – How Soon is Now
The Plurals – Poseurs
Kim Vi and the Siblings – Kali are you Listening?
Worn Spirit – Smoke
Decades – Tear You Up
The Vulnerable – Dead City Nights
El Dee – Never Twice
The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – Nobody Knows You When Your Down and Out
Two Faced – Machines Can Kill People
Entransient – Take Whats Left
Blind Merle and his Traveling Band – Who’s Have Ever Thought
Less is More – Maybe Well Die
The Fever Haze – My Darling, My Baby
Marvels – So Drone