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Goodbye, MSU | Nick Sanchez
Goodbye, MSU | Nick Sanchez
Nick Sanchez, Airstaff Coach • April 24, 2024
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Asian Music Monday | 8.17.15


This week on Asian Music Monday, your host Lu brings you the latest and greatest music throughout Asia, including Korea, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kazakhstan and beyond.

You’ll hear from Wonder Girls, GReeeN, Jolin Tsai, Teresa Teng and more!

You won’t want to miss Asian Music Monday from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for 8PM-9PM Playlist” style=”simple”]
Wonder Girls – “I Feel You” (Korea, 2015)
Kimi 乔任梁 – “Lolitta / 洛丽塔” (2015, Mainland China)
KeshYou – “My Dream / Армандаймын” (Kazakhstan, 2015)
Whee-Sung 휘성 – “Insomnia” (Korea, 2009)
T-ARA – “So Crazy~Chinese Ver.~ / 완전 미쳤네~Chinese Ver.~” (Korea, 2015)
G.E.M 邓紫棋 – “Heartbeat / 新的心跳” (Hong Kong, 2015)
BoA – “Spark” (Korea, 2004)
Kim Gun-Mo 김건모 – “But I’m Sorry / 버담소리” (Korea, 1999)
Maya 마야 – “Azalea / 진달래꽃” (Korea, 2003)
GReeeeN – “The Song of Flowers / 花唄” (Japan, 2011)
Yuna يونليس مت زارءاي – “Falling” (Malaysia, 2014)
Stanley Huang 黄立行 feat. Rene Liu 刘若英 – “Travel Separately / 分开旅行” (Taiwan, 2003)
Wakin Chau 周华健 feat. Chyi Yu 齐豫 – “Lovers in the World / 天下有情人” (Hong Kong, 1995)
May. J feat. VI from BigBang – “I Believe” (Japan & Korea, 2014)


[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for 9PM-10PM Playlist” style=”simple”]
Angela Zhang 张韶涵 feat. Christine Fan 范玮琪 – “What If / 如果的事” (Taiwan, 2005)
Leehom Wang 王力宏 feat. Selina from S.H.E – “You Are A Song In My Heart / 你是我心中的一首歌” (Taiwan, 2007)
Chenyu Hua 华晨宇 feat. Aska Yang 杨宗纬 – “The King and the Beggar / 国王与乞丐”(Mainland China, 2015)
Mai Kuraki 倉木麻衣 feat. Stephanie Sun 孙燕姿 – “Tonight I Feel Close to You” (Japan & Singapore, 2003)
Richie Jen 任贤齐 feat. Yuki 徐怀钰 – “Crystal / 水晶” (Taiwan, 1998)
YUZU ゆず – “Never-ending Song / 終わらない歌” (Japan, 2015)
A-Niu(Tan Kheng Seong) 阿牛 – “Peach Blossoms Are Blooming / 桃花朵朵开” (Malaysia, 2006)
toe – “Song Silly” (Japan, 2015)
SPICY CHOCOLATE feat. Shota Shimizu 清水翔太 – “i miss you” (Japan, 2014)
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 – “When You Say Nothing At All” (Taiwan, 2008)
Sitar Tan 谭维维 – “If There Is An Afterlife / 如果有来生” (Mainland China, 2010)
BTS 방탄소년단 – “DOPE / 쩔어” (Korea, 2015)
Purba Rgyal 蒲巴甲 – “Love Is So Simple / 爱就是那样简单” (Mainland China, 2008)

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