I’ve Been Waiting for Her | Mac Demarco


Joey Sprow

Mac Demarco is incredibly popular these days, with too many 20-year-old guys putting on hats to emulate his look and all the critics loving his music, which falls somewhere between dream pop and bedroom rock.

Oh yeah, and he’s generating quite a large fanbase of college-aged girls that fall for his gap-toothed grin. You can’t say the man isn’t charming.

“I’ve Been Waiting for Her” is the newest single off of Mac’s Another One mini-LP, which came out on August 7, and sounds like the typical Mac song; it’s poppy, guitars dreamily warble in and out of tune, and Mac does an alright job of sounding like a cool, nice guy. It’s definitely familiar territory, and lyrically does not say very much except that Mac has been waiting for some girl (I get it Mac, you can tell your girlfriend it’s about her but we both know that all the aforementioned college-aged girls are going to assume it’s about them).

However, it’s clear that even though Mac is not necessarily expanding his style here, he is still refining it. The song is poppy while still being a rocker, and the guitars at the end of the song sound springily, warbly, and warm…the perfect thing to listen to as summer comes to a close.

The rest of the Another One includes some more synth-centric songs and an instrumental, which makes it feel like Mac isn’t straying too far from the music he was making on his last LP, Salad Days.

Still, if the music is fun and the songs are good, will anyone but the over-critical care?