What Not to Miss at Lolla


Makenzie McNeill

Lollapalooza, the annual summer music festival held in Grant Park, Chicago, is right around the corner in both a chronological and geographic sense.

This year’s three-day festival starts tomorrow, July 31, and it’s close enough to get tons of Michigan State students driving 222 miles west to attend.

The mystical land without rules known by many as “Lolla” has presented bands and artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Kendrick Lamar and Passion Pit since it’s first run in 1991. The fans keep coming back for that quintessential “festival experience” complete with flower crowns (is that still a thing?), Chicago’s best food from local vendors (lobster corndogs??????), and of course, the lively spirit and excitement that stems from all weekend free-for-alls (please stay hydrated).

Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to attend, especially since this festival in particular sells out pretty quickly. Whether you’re festival-ed out, stuck working, too far away to make the trip, or simply can’t afford it, we put together a little something for you to numb the pain.

Enjoy this playlist of songs from the artists we’d LOVE to catch at Lollapalooza 2015. It’s a good weekend to visit Chicago.

Did we miss your favorite song from a Lolla artist? Tweet us @WDBM with your suggestions and we’ll add them to the playlist!