Thee Hourz O’ Power | 7.16.15


Jacob Nevin

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Primus – (Sailing the Seas of Cheese) Here Come the Bastards
W.A.S.P. – I Wanna Be Somebody
Ghost Bath – Funeral
Dawnbringer – I
Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie
Satan’s Host – Witches Return
Ghost – Cirice
King Diamond – Welcome Home
Savatage – Strange Wings
Sepultura – Mass Hypnosis

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Satyrasis – Excision
Aborted – From a Tepid Whiff
Dethklok – Impeach God
Paradise Lost – Cry Out
Control Denied – Consumed
Angra – Black Hearted Soul
Heidevolk – Herboren in Vlammen
Hibria – Steel Lord on Wheels
Be’lakor – Venator
Opeth – Demon of the Fall
Sigh – The Trial By The Dead

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Unleash the Archers – Northern Passage
Unleash the Archers – Frozen Steel
Unleash the Archers – Hail of the Tide
Unleash the Archers – Tonight We Ride
Unleash the Archers – Test Your Metal
Unleash the Archers – Crypt
Unleash the Archers – No More Heroes
Unleash the Archers – Dream Crusher
Unleash the Archers – Going Down Fighting
Unleash the Archers – Time Stands Still
Leprous – Lower

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Vattnet Viskar – Impact
Shining – Besök Från I(ho)nom
Absu – Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle
Dark Winter – Amidst the Winterplague
Immortal – At the Heart of Winter
Magic Pie – Introversion
Flood the Desert – Helios
Cavalcade – Nothing Is Ever Over