The Basement | The Plurals Interview


Dom Korzecke

This week on The Basement,¬†Lansing’s own The Plurals. They talked about their upcoming album An Onion Tied to My Belt and the album release show this Saturday.

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Monte Pride II – In The Weeds
The Distorted Waltz – Rolling the Dice
Cave Needles – Designed to Collapse
The Devils Cut – More Weight
The Fiction Junkies – Unraveled
Epoxy – Epoxy
Kim Vi and the Siblings – Josephine
Sky Covington – Club Crescendo Scene
Secret Grief – Faking Orgasms
Desmond Jones – Nesbit
Gifts or Creatures – Relics and Ghosts
Alaska – Lucid Delusion
Cold Mountain Child – Cultivation
Little American Champ – Worse Days
The Hex Bombs – None Shall Be Forgotten

Interview with The Plurals

Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus – Afterparty
The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – The Politician
Summerpunx – College Freshman
Dave Menzo – Top of the Mountain